As principal bass player of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, Matthias Beltinger has played in many famous concert halls around the world. Nevertheless, in all these years he became more dissatisfied with the negative sound effects of most ordinary risers. Motivated by his desire for the perfect sound of his bass, he developed a highly sophisticated range of resonance podiums.


"Many people ask what motivated me - a classical musician - to develop our resonance podium. The idea of an effective sound podium with a well thought-out concept has been growing in me for years. As a double bass player I have to deal with risers all the time. Risers are used for musicians in the back rows of an orchestra in order to be better seen and heard. Normal podiums – built of simple, hard materials – create often a boomy sound, contradicting the wish for more clarity", says Matthias Beltinger.



He was able to realize his wish for a superior resonance podium with the help of wood expert Bernhard Prösler, a design carpenter, who also has worked for instrument makers. The impression of the first tests of the new podiums were very promising. After countless acoustic tests and experiments with different types of wood and shapes the Resonanzio team created a sound podium, which amazes everyone, who has the chance to test it. Lack of any boominess, clear articulation and sound full of overtones is the result.


The resonance podiums work also for instruments without endpins, such as baroque cellos, gambas, and lutes. Also wind and high string instruments are gaining in sound enhancement, as well as harpsichords and pianofortes.