Harp Resonance Podium

You will notice the difference of a Resonanzio harp podium and an ordinary riser immediately: the harp sound becomes fuller, more resonant and more articulate, and the arpeggios become more audible in their details.

The Resonanzio harp podium has been developed for the special requirements of a harp player in height, length and shape. Through its open sides, the music stand can be placed as close to the instrument as needed.«

Height starting at 10 cm


Width: 80 cm

Length: 160 cm

The measurements can be adjusted to individual requests



Gesine Dreyer

(Teacher at Hochschule Lübeck, freelancing harpenist)



"After I have made great experiences with the Resonanzio harp podium during concerts with the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, I now had the chance to use it as a soloist for the harp concerto by Ginastera. The sound of my harp had noticeable more volume with the Resonanzio, and despite of the heavy orchestration in this concerto my harp sounded present and clear. This was also very positively remarked by harpists, who heard the concert."

Louise Pühn

 (freelance harp player)



»Playing on the Resonanzio Harp Podium for the first time was a surprising experience! The typical harp sound with its enrichment of resonance was even enhanced, and at the same time the sound was clearer ans more transparent.

While playing I was able to variate the sound in a more flexible way. The self- perception of my own playing is much better, which is particular helpful in orchestras. Being able to put the musicstand very close to the podium, is a minor but crucial detail. I would love it, if every orchestra I am playing with, could provide a Resonanzio harp podium!«